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here at Druidswood we have sourced firewood for you from around the World


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Our Alder firewood gives off a stunning

perfume - similar to Birch but fruitier, the

wood is also quite an orangey brown colour.

This Alder is from Latvia and has been kiln

dried, it gives a terrific heat with yellow

and purple flames

Popular choice for smoking, barbecues

and fire-pits especially if you are using salmon.

15% Moisture Content

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More Information for The Alder Tree

Burning Alder

Cooking with Alder

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Quite a dark coloured wood,

very dense with good flames

especially when first lit.

Clean burning firewood, and

excellent for cooking - it imparts

a sweet smoke flavour and

compliments all types of meat.

5% - 15% Moisture Content

Arriving end of October 2017

More Information for The Almond Tree

Burning Almond

Cooking with Almond


More details to follow shortly


More Information for The Beech Tree

Burning Beech

Cooking with Beech

Buy Firewood: Silver Birch

silver birch

My own personal favourite!

The Silver Birch has a delicious heady

perfume with good flames.

Kiln dried from Lithuania

If you use it for smoking it gives

a mildly smoky, somewhat sweet

flavour and is splendid with

pork and poultry.

5% - 10% Moisture Content

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More Information for The Birch Tree

Burning Silver Birch

Cooking with Silver Birch


The inside of this wood has shades

of pink and red - spectacular!

Our Portugese Cherry is the cultivated variety

The fruit from the Wild Cherry is edible

but tiny and not as sweet as the orchard

grown trees

10% - 18% Moisture Content

Arriving end of October 2017

More Information for The Cherry Tree

Burning Cherry

Cooking with Cherry

Buy Firewood: Californian Cherry


Our Grapevine Firewood is from

Portugal and if you use it for smoking

your food is gives a somewhat sweet

and fruity taste to your cooking.

5% - 10% Moisture Content

Highly prized and totally scrumptious


More Information about Grapevine

Burning Grapevine

Cooking with Grapevine


If you want to bake bread in the traditional

way then this is the one for you.

Arguably one of the hottest burning

native species

Combine the Hawthorn flowers with Rhubarb

to make a superb vanilla flavoured wine

15% - 18% Moisture Content 

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More Information for The Hawthorn Tree

Burning Hawthorn

Cooking with Hawthorn

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Buy Firewood: Hazel


It almost seems a shame to burn

these logs when the wood has

so many other uses, but it

does make a good fire.

Not very long lasting but produces

a good charcoal base quickly.

Ideal for a fire-pit or

quick barbecue.

20% Moisture Content 

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More Information for The Hazel Tree

Burning Hazel

Cooking with Hazel


This is the “King” of Smoking Woods.

Hickory is the wild version of Pecan, it
is a very hard wood with enormous amounts
of heat and it also has a remarkable aroma

Hickory is perfect for cooking, smoking

and the perfume is delicious

20% Moisture Content 


More Information for The Hickory Tree

Burning Hickory

Cooking with Hickory

Buy Firewood: Hickory


More Information to follow shortly ...


blended oak

More information to follow shortly

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Buy Firewood: Blended Oak
Buy Firewood: European Oak

holm oak

This Holm Oak is from Portugal it is an

evergreen tree which has been

naturally air and sun dried

Oak like it used to be with a good

straight dense grain, excellent heat

and charcoal - highly recommended

5% - 15% Moisture Content

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More Information for The Holm Oak Tree

Burning Holm Oak

Cooking with Holm Oak


This Olive Firewood is from Portugal

and probably the best Olive firewood we

have ever had!

The greatest heat and the best flames,
with superior coals after a long wait

for the flames to die out.

Unique olive oil flavour imparted

to certain foods.

Excellent fuel for wood burning

pizza ovens.

15% Moisture Content 


More Information for The Olive Tree

Burning Olive

Cooking with Olive

Buy Firewood: Olive
Buy Firewood: Orange


These logs produce terrific flames

and a quiet long lasting fire.

An excellent choice for

cooking as it imparts a delicate

flavour to your food.

5% - 15% Moisture Content 


More Information for The Orange Tree

Burning Orange

Cooking with Orange


Pear is very similar to Apple

and gives a good heat with a

steady, slow burn but we did

not really notice any perfume

Excellent with pork and poultry

Moisture Content 15% - 18%

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More Information for The Pear Tree

Burning Pear

Cooking with Pear

Buy Firewood: Pear
Buy Firewood: Pimento


When you want to cook Jerk anything,

then you need Pimento

- simple as that!

If you do not use Pimento wood

for your cooking it cannot be called Jerk

All the way from Jamaica


More Information for The Pimento Tree

Burning Pimento

Cooking with Pimento

Six of the Best

Choose any six different species of wood

and pay for only five

Either send an email with you requirements

or there is a box on the order form where

you can list which species of wood you

would like for your Six of the Best


Buy Firewood: Walnut


This is quite a light coloured hardwood giving

off a mild, “nutty” delicate scent.

It holds its’ heat well and gives

an enjoyable ember glow.

Very clean burning and

recommended for ovens.

5% - 15% Moisture Content

More Information for The Walnut Tree

Burning Walnut

Cooking with Walnut

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